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Stress test your financial situation

Changes to your personal and financial situation, that aren’t planned for, can derail your financial position and leave you struggling. Our stress test checklist helps you to identify those important areas that you may have overlooked!

Life event: Dealing with divorce

This article is designed to help guide those in this situation to obtain financial independence. We’ve provided eight ways to help those facing divorce to adjust and get back on their feet.

Life event: Receiving an inheritance

There is a concept regarding wealth creation and preservation called “the rule of three’s”. This rule is based on the concept that within a family tree one generation builds the wealth, the next generation enjoys the wealth and the third generation destroys the wealth.

New years financial resolutions

It may be too much of a mountain to review your total financial situation, but even if you just review a few things it's better than doing nothing at all. Our challenge to you is to tackle at least two of the areas we suggest to review.

Having a baby checklist

A useful checklist to help get your financial affairs in order when expecting a new arrival, as well as a few other useful tips.

Will checklist

This checklist is great to refer to if you are preparing a Will or reviewing a current Will.

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