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Considering a sea/tree change in retirement?

Nearing or in retirement, for one reason or another, some of us can start to give thought towards a sea/tree change. In this article, we discuss relevant considerations before taking the dive.

The things we consider when advising on super

When comparing or consolidating super funds, often the focus may be on reducing fees. Whilst lower fees can make sense, there are plenty of other things we need to check before recommending a switch of super fund.

Stress test your financial situation

Changes to your personal and financial situation, that aren’t planned for, can derail your financial position and leave you struggling. Our stress test checklist helps you to identify those important areas that you may have overlooked!

How to find lost super

As at 30 June 2016, there were roughly six million lost and ATO-held superannuation accounts with a total value of roughly $16 billion. This checklist explains what lost super is and how you can go about finding and claiming what is yours.


Dealing with unemployment

Many people will experience unemployment themselves, or see a friend, family member or colleague lose their job. In this article we look at 13 tips to help people bounce back from losing their job.

Life event: Dealing with divorce

This article is designed to help guide those in this situation to obtain financial independence. We’ve provided eight ways to help those facing divorce to adjust and get back on their feet.

Life event: Retirement

Most of us, if not all of us, value independence. It’s no wonder maintaining it for as long as possible into one’s retirement years is highly sought.


New years financial resolutions

It may be too much of a mountain to review your total financial situation, but even if you just review a few things it's better than doing nothing at all. Our challenge to you is to tackle at least two of the areas we suggest to review.

Where is your super invested?

You should have received your Super statement or statements by now. Where is your super invested? What can you do about it?

Who is the nominated beneficiary of your super fund?

Have you looked at who your nominated beneficiary for your super fund is lately?

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